Just wanna release some stress…

He has a certain aurora about him that I can not describe. When we met it was young, it was fresh and most of all it was new. I didn’t hang on your every word or take much personal back then. You were the boy next door type but ya swagg is crazy I cant front.  As time progress my heart grew colder and your smile only melted the ice away- as much as I fought myself not to, you made me over whelmed with a feeling that I cant define. I remember our first night together, I didn’t intentionally stay- it just happened that way. That was my first time truly indulging in your personality for what it was worth. After that day, my mind was saturated with thoughts of you and constant predicted thoughts for the future. We never had any real issues and that was the better part. In some instances I’ve learned when to say things and when to refrain. At first I was careful about my feelings because I was exactly sure of what I wanted. But now I’ve reached a level where my feelings have took over my thoughts. How have I outsmarted myself into loving someone almost “blindly”…and most of all unconditionally…I don’t know who to call Ashton Kutcher..you or my heart..because Ive definitely been punked…Now after one day of being on bad terms I feel like I’m losing my mind…i cant identify whats happening..At some points I love it..And at some points it is the absolute worse..I’m wondering is this the end for real? Can I handle this? Its so much deeper than these words I swear…I just don’t know how to define it…

Money makes the world go round?!

Does money really make the world go round? I question it everyday. Throughout my summer, I have spent more money than what some people make on vacation,partying and paying bills! Its crazy but like I cant necessarily say that money is at my disposal but I can say that. It’s just crazy how money can change the direction of your personal life and your love life. Because a female doesn’t want a broke man, and a man definitely wants a female that can hold her own- regardless of the circumstance. I personally think it shouldn’t matter, because if you truly care about the person- your not worried about what you are spending all that matters is that the person is happy. Right? Wrong actually because some males and females have developed the system that ‘I’m going to get what I can get” which isn’t good for either party because one will become dependent on you spending the money and you will soon feel like its a obligation. Right?



If I hurt your feelings…Sounds like a personal problem